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action this november. i am seeking a maryland seat in the united states senate with two goals. i want to make simple our political process. just one subject for each bill with bill that are written clearly, to the point for all to understand. i want to use the technology that already exists to return the meeting house process or direct democracy. i intend to reestablish a public vote on every issue. giving every registered maryland voter the opportunity to vote on each bill allowing citizens and government to again work together. putting us back into the united states. in my term i will keep you informed. collect your educated votes and carry them to washington as your representative then returning the power of the senate to the citizens of maryland. do not give up your vote to the wishes of a politician and their financial supporters and lobbyists for the next six years. vote ed, your vote can create effective change in our generation. so your vote will once again regulate government activities. so your vote will reestablish the checks and balances of our forefathers, your vote can e
of the president of the united states, which is to maintain the safety of the american people and i will not cut our military budget by a trillion dollars which is a combination of the budget cut the president has as well as a sequestration cut. that in my view is making our future less certain and less secure. >> bob, i would like to comment on this. first of all, that's not something i propose but congress has proposed. it will not happen. the budget we're talking about is not reducing our military spending, it's maintaining it. but i think governor romney maybe hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military works. you mentioned the navy, for example. and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. well, governor, we have fewer horses and baiyonets because th military changed. we have aircraft carriers where planes land on them. we have the ships that go underwater. nuclear submarines and so the question is not a game of battleship where we're counting ships, it's what are our capabilities so when i sit down with the secretary of the navy and the joint chiefs of staff, we determine how
came to the united states -- parents came to the united states from india five years ago. >>> five things to know on this thursday morning. a viewing for former senator george mcgovern takes place in sioux falls, south dakota this afternoon. his funeral will be tomorrow. mcgovern died last sunday at the age of 90. >>> a car booster seat for children, it turns out they're getting safer. the insurance institute for highway safety just released a list this is the best of the best. >> 15 of the 17 seats introduced did make the list in the iihs says seat makers are making better designed seats between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. >>> feel like you're seeing an ad for expanded gambling every 30 seconds? it's not much of a stretch. that's kind of accurate. so far, both sides have spent a combined $50 million to influence your vote. compare that to $34 million total that was spent back in 2006 for the maryland gubernatorial race. >>> all right parents check in out. a killer treat could be in your child's halloween bag. >> too much black licorice could actually cause a drop in potassium l
years if he were elected. american people had expected that the president of the united states would be able to describe what he's going to do in the next four years, but he can't. >> he seems to be getting some traction with that argument, lay out exactly what president obama would do in a second term. >> sure. george it's pretty clear, i make two points here, one, after a decade of war, both in afghanistan and iraq, the most important thing that we have to do now is bring american troops home and battle for future and strength america at home. that's the most important point to be made and that battle means doing what has done from president clinton to president obama, investing in our roads and bridges to make we have the 21st century economy built on the 21st century foundation. and then third, investing in the new technology and the understoodmental research. making sure we have tax fairness where the middle class aren't taking the brunt of the tax system. the most important thing right now for a second term is to do what has done work in the past. investing in america. if you g
can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> tonight, the president practically boasted and slammed romney. >> when it comes to going after osama bin laden, you said, well, any president would make that call. but when you are a candidate in 2008 as i was and i said, if i got bin laden in our sights, i would take that shot, you said, we shouldn't move heaven and earth to get one man. >> mitt romney tried to undermine the president's bin laden triumph with a blunt line. >> i congratulate him on taking out osama bin laden and going after the leadership in al e cay out of this mess. we must have a comprehensive strategy to help reject this kind of extremism. >> at the end both men had probably achieved some of what they'd come to do, project strength, demonstrate competency and get the debate out of the way so they can refocus on domestic issues where this election will be decided. the commander in chief debate although they did debate plenty of domestic issues in there, as wel
energy from the north back at the storm and back toward the united states. here's what all of that means to you. the storm will carry hurricane-force winds, up to a foot of rain and the potential storm surge that could top out at ten feet. extreme conditions could begin as early as sunday and last for days, drenching the most populated part of the country. >> this storm, that is going to be impacting the mid-atlantic and parts of the northeast monday into tuesday is going to be destructive, historic and, unfortunately, life threatening. >> reporter: a state of emergency has already been declared in maryland, d.c., pennsylvania, new york and virginia. the biggest fear? the storm surge. in places like atlantic city, it could get even worse because of a full moon and higher tides. people are batoning down the hatches, preparing for the worst, up and down the eastern seaboard. in norfolk, the navy ordered 23 ships to leave port immediately. on the jersey shore, people are stocking up on essentials, including those generators. and in new york city, major bloomberg warned he may have to shut d
it before. >> we know for a fact that we are still the prime target for terrorism here in the united states. and we know there are threats here. there's insider threat. >> reporter: customs and border protection, they're, on a weekly, monthly basis, catching terror suspects that we never know about? >> they may not put out the press release, but i'm going to tell you that it is a fact, that these things do happen. >> stand up, sir. >> reporter: back on the jet, the angry actor is lead away. pretend pengers deplane past drawn weapons. and the officers in charge cool off and reflect. are you wore ripped you are giving something away by showing us this? >> we still got a lot of secrets in our bag. you know, this is nothing compared to what we can bring on to an organized group of bad guys, whether domestic, international terrorism, whatever, that want to come and wreak havoc. we got something for them. >> put your hands up! >> reporter: here's hoping they never have to prove it. i'm bill weir for "nightline" in miami. >> "airport 24/7" airs tuesday nights on the travel channel. >>> next up, mo
in the united states. the orphanage where she decided she was adoed from, she decided to go back. she reached out and when they found out about her story he activity helped her find her family. this is the moment where for the first time she sees her family again. >> see my family? these are my mother and my father and my brothers and sisters. >> how old was she when kidnapped? >> 4 years old when kidnapped. >> that's old enough to have some memories. >> she was very aware. apparently had a little argument with her brother and he walked away, and that's when she was kidnapped. so this moment when she's reunited with her brother has special meaning for her, because he was the last person that she saw before she was kidnapped. >> via skype right this minute, nicole and her daughter jordan. >> what was this moment like? >> i dreamed about it for so long. to actually have it actually happen, it was surreal. >> do you remember being kidnapped? >> i do. the woman was very nice to me. why are you crying? i said because my brother's left me. those words haunted me all of these years. i thought, did s
to companies that are skrefing here in the united states and creating jobs here. it also means we're helping them and small businesses to export all around the world to new markets. number two, we've got to make sure that we have the best education system in the world and the fact that you're going to college is great. but i want everybody to get a great education and we worked hard to make sure that student loans are available for folks like you, but i also want to make sure that community colleges are offering slots for workers to get retrained for the jobs that are out there right now and the jobs of the future. number three, we've got to control our own energy. you know, not only oil and natural gas, which we've been investing in, but also we've got to make sure we're building the energy source of the future, not just think about next year, but ten years from now, 20 years from now, that's why we invest in solar and wind and bio fuels, energy efficient cars, we've got to reduce our deficit but got to do it in a balanced way. asking the wealthy to pay more along with cuts so we can invest
kids think that crocheting is for older people. >> reporter: elizabeth moved to the united states from africa when she was 11. she comes from a family of female entrepreneurs. she develop -- sells hats, scarfs and handbags. it encourages students to stay in school. students are required to develop and present business plans to a panel. there's hands-on training while connects math, reading and right -- wrighting -- writing. elizabeth has big plans for her business. >> i want to be able to help others. i want to open my own school in africa. so this opportunity will be the start-up. >> reporter: the program is opening doors for elizabeth and other students to have a bright future. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> elizabeth is one of 35 finalists heading to new york for the 2012 nifty challenge. you can also head to our website and click on our education page. >>> coming up at 6:00, you could still be voting even after you're gone. how maryland voter registration rules allow the dead to remain eligible to vote. >> everyone in baltimore is getting excited about the orioles. those stories an
. >>> after leaving a trail of destruction. sandy the big story obviously today is turning towards the united states. >>> how many are preparing in case the hurricane should reach our shore. >>> one person is dead after a shooting at a mega church. who is responsible for the attack on worshippers. >>> and megan and charlie. everything is up to speed here south of the beltway. we'll let you know what traffic looks like on 83 coming up on good morning maryland. >>> now she is setting her sights on the east coast. it has been down graded to a category 1. don't threat fool you. she is packing a punch for us leaving 21 dead. sandy in virginia beach people are preparing and tying things down. and all provisions they need and store owners are worried about a loss of business. >> like i say on tuesday. >> and crews are working and the company has started calls to other states across the midatlantic. contractors are in the maryland dc area to improve reliability and later today bge will let us know about preparations they have in place for sandy. and it made a promise to the customers they will start
to -- who the product is going to in the united states. >> it was des stinned for a distributetor in chicago. >>> a recall affect 2011 to 2013 model fiestas. the side air bag won't inflate which would low of someone riding in the back seat unprotected. the automaker said no crashes or injuries linked to the problem so far have been reported. >>> neiman marcus, not what you think of when you think of budget friendly shopping. the annual book is packed with pricey gifts like a $284,000 sports car. it's teaming up with target and 24 designers to come up with 50 gifts to die for. >> neiman marcus is putting out the welcome mat. >> the special collection will hit neiman marcus and target stores on december 1st. they will range in price from $8 to $500. >> that guy comes complete with an orchestra. >> thieves got away with priceless works of art. >> and this little cat got stuck in a utility pole for days. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 j
. >>> the 42nd president of the united states, speaking at stevenson university, happening tonight. bill clinton is expected to talk about the challenges of globalization and how we can grow our inner dependence. his lecture is sold out. no chance on tickets for that event. >> the president befores wife, hilary clinton, is taking responsibility for security decisions made about the u.s. embassy in libya. four americans died during an attack in benghazi. clinton says the white house wouldn't have knowledge about security requests. it's been revealed the embassy asked for security but the request was denied. >>> five things you may want to know on this tuesday, he represented pennsylvania for 30 years. 250d spector will be laid to rest. think pink for breast cancer awareness month. a pep rally is held at the courthouse in towson, ceo of komen maryland is joining baltimore county executive to get people excited about raising funs for breast cancer. we are fife days away from race from the cure. it's sunday, 21st in hunt valley, abc 2 is a proud sponsor of the event. we hope you join us, we
-thirds of the united states. the fierce winds at the center cover an area almost the size of texas. our extreme weather team is in the storm zone tonight and abc's weather editor sam champion starts us off right now from miami. sam? >> reporter: good evening, diane. tonight, sandy is running parallel to the florida coastline, but creating a stir in places really far north from here. like washington, d.c., states like new york, virginia, maryland, have all declared a state of emergency, ahead of this storm. even the u.s. navy is taking this storm seriously, pulling 21 ships out of the harbor in norfolk, feeling they'll be safer in the open water when this storm comes on shore. where is this storm? you'll see in the track that it is still expected to run up the coastline, going out a little bit, then coming back in and making a sharp left turn on monday, toward the shoreline. spaghetti models indicate we don't know exactly where this storm will make landfall yet. we will pinpoint as we get closer. wherever this storm is going, it's going to make even more headlines. sandy's already killed at least 30 peo
foreign language ] >> this is a russian who moved to the united states back in 2004. he is in his hometown where he lives now in delray beach, florida. and he's speaking russian to all of these people who do not speak russian. >> are you looking to get a surf board? [ speaking russian ] >> sorry, i don't speak your language, man. >> i was just wondering where you could get a surf board. >> he just busts out the english. >> and it's good english, too. he's only been in the united states for a decade. he speaks it almost without an accent. i think the best is these two ladies. [ speaking foreign language ] >> they're struggling with a parking stand. they think that he doesn't speak a lick of english and they're pointing and everybody is trying to communicate through gestures. >> you got to slide the card deeper. >> what? >> see hits him. >> i like how he is exactly in line with the conversation, switch gears to english. >> she realized, i think i can understand russian. >> she didn't realize she was understanding his english. [ speaking foreign language ] >> at the end. someone speaks russia
'neill was speaker of the house and ronald reagan was president of the united states and they worked together on a very important and significant tax reform. we believe that it's time for that again and that you can do that working across the aisle. obviously governor romney, if he becomes president, would hope to have republican majorities in the house and the senate but you would have to work across the aisle and we believe it can be done and there are six studies that show it can. >> precedence, not increasing the deficit. you heard robert gibbs talk about big bird and the targeting of big bird by governor romney. coming out of that pbs cited poll showing it's the most trusted public institution and it only takes about 0.01%. was it a mistake to target him? >> it wasn't a targeting, it was just pointing to one example as you know governor romney would move us toward a balanced budget with a 5% cut in nonsecurity discretionary spending and eliminate a number of perhaps and consolidate a number of others. with jim lehrer there, he made an important point, you have to borrow money from china
, the kind of person you want to turn to in a crisis, the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan. >> joe biden was terrific. >> reporter: president obama stayed in washington today but for everyone else, campaigning picked right up again. mitt romney began in virginia, a state democrats say republicans want to take back. >> virginia is going to get me the white house. >> reporter: vice president biden went to paul ryan's home state. >> anyone who watched that debate, i don't think this is any doubt that congressman ryan and it, governor romney and the president have a fundamentally different vision for america. >> reporter: people are keeping one eye on the debates , the other on polls. mitt romney is pulling ahead in florida, 51% support compared to 44%, a month ago the president was ahead by 1%. factor in the mar margin of error, dead heat in the poll. another reason people are looking forward to tuesday night tings second of three presidential debates. >>> we'll be right back. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question
increase, but, still, this year we expect 230,000 women in the united states to be diagnosed with breast cancer and about 40,000 will die from it. >> and it affects so many people. it's a disease that really hits home and we try to bring more attention to it during the month of october. what should you do if you see something suspicious prior to or in between your mammogram. >> if something is identified on a breast exam, usually we recommend an imaging to help characterize it and help to guide further treatment. if something is identified on a mammogram or potentially an ultrasound, usually the patient at that point will undergo a biopsy. depending on what the findings are they will be referred to a surgeon. >> we can all imagine how overwhelming this would be. tell mow about the multidisciplinary approach at the cancer center. >> the multidisciplinary approach means there's a team of physicians and other healthcare providers who are working together -- surgeons, radiation doctors, nurses, to provide coordinated care to a breast cancer patient. at the university we have a whole team of
and 100 firefighters lost their lives in the united states every year. >>> a new study found that the hpv vaccine is safe, even for girls as young as nine. concerns emerged in 2006. garr da sill prevents -- gardasil prevents hpv. the only side effects for younger patients were fainting and skin reaction. the study was funded by, of course, the makers of gardasil but reviewed by independent experts. the cdc said the drug is safe and recommended. >>> stretching may not seem strenuous but fitness experts say it should be part of your daily routine. it helps you focus, cut out stress and even make you look younger. what a plus. it will also improve your overall fitness level. >> one of the main purposes of stretching, having a stretching program is to identify the unevenness in the body and the tightness in the body that could be holding back your fitness program or athletism or daily life. >> the best way to stay limber is to routinely stretch. find a good stretching guide or trainer to show you. >>> all right. bge is working to make sure you are not in the dark. employees are out there part
the bullying crisis in schools across the united states. you can check it out if you are interested at 11 in the morning at the amc theater at the mall in columbia. tickets by the way are $4 if you buy them in vaps or at the door it's 5 -- advance or if you buy them at the door it's 5 bucks. >>> o's fans this is a night you waited 15 years to see. orioles play the rangers in the american league wild card game. losers goes home game and it's almost perexpect setup for the o's all season long they have lived by the cliche -- lived by the cliche -- liveed by the cliche mantra one game at a time of the the game is being played in texas you will see black and orange in the stands. >> the orioles have been in my heart and seeing other people getting excited and seeing people in orioles shirts is like tremendous. >> first pitch is just after 8:30 tonight and if you believe in buck you better believe the one thing on his mind is win tonight and do so for the fan base so the team can get back to baltimore to camden yard and see the team play one more time. not just from your living room couches. >
a wide range of accessorieses. expecting 50,000 people to turn out. the show is followed by the united states power boat show which begins on october 11th. >>> also this weekend the #4e6 annual fun festival that will shut down many roads. more on the closures you need to be aware of. >> many roads will be shut down for this weekend's festival. broadway is now closed between bank and tame street. 6:00 tomorrow morning, all streets south of alisana street will be closed. everything will reopen by 6:00 monday morning. and if you are attending the festival, use public transportation and avoid neighborhood parking. i'm lauren cook and that's your time safer traffic report. >> bottom of the 8th. score is 3-1. orioles is still up. >>> coming up next our amazing coverage continues, everyone. >> if the orioles can get through these last two half innings, their season will continue. we'll give you a live update, coming up. >> and the last call you'd expect is from someone in jail. the latest scam inmates are using to try to steal your cash when we come back in 60 seconds. >>> still 3-1 out ther
cancer affects so manywomen even men in the united states. the fight to find a cure is on. >> unique way a group is trying to help breast cancer victimsinvolving clay pigeons. >> and the holiday season fast approaching many of you are look for ways to -- look for ways -- looking for ways to shop and the best deals around we will tell you how to get it.
is the minority. they say the percentage of protestant adults in the united states is 48%. number of americans with nonreligious affiliations increased from 15 to 20% over the last five years. >>> a children's book called mousetraunat is release today written by the husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords. >>> flu season is here. the county will set up a flu hotline on thursday offering free flu shots on saturday. the hotline is open from 5 to 7 on thursday and you can get a a shot at several location on saturday. and lynette it feels like flu season. >> it's cold and rainy. we can see montgomery county getting in on wet weather. we are seeing it around virginia this morning. and as we flied further up to the north we can see ate around glen burnie and elk ridge and columbia getting in. howard county dealing with light showers. more of the same around anne arundel and also around chestertown this morning. so, as you head out the door, take the umbrella but also take the coats because look at temperatures. in the 40s here below average. 46 degrees right now in aberdeen and 44 in hereford
premobilizing crews early yesterday. we reached out to mutual assistance crews from across the united states. we will see them entering in to the service area as early as too many and sunday. in addition today, was our materials day, we really brought in extra materials, extra cable, poles, we started loading up our trucks and loading up our staging sites with the materials. >> what is the biggest challenge as you look forward towards the storm. >> just anticipating the storm's path. it is uncertain. we are preparing for several hundred thousand customers to be without service, but really is preparing and making sure we have all of our people in place, rested and ready to go as soon as it is safe to do so. >> what do you tell people? you are going to have communication with the customers and they see outages. what do you want them to know before the storm thatso they don't become a bigger problem. >> the most important thing is make sure your family has an emergency plan. make sure you have the emergency kit, some of the things you mentioned, flashlight, the water, blankets, make sure your famil
no idea i would be the candidate for united states congress for district one. there was another person who had to withdraw just a few weeks ago so she will still have her name on the ballot, so i will be a write-in candidate trying to win against our republican candidate andy harris. my opening statement is that i am an obgyn not a career politician. i live on the eastern shore and i have been a resident here for over decade, been taking care of patients for 40 years one on one as a doctor and then in the last 20 years working in public health. it's been a natural transition for me to get involved in politics and what i see as the nation needs healing. right now we have a representative, who is not standing up for the bay, not standing up for women's rights, not standing up for the average citizen. he is not representing district 1 at all. testimony' e -- if i'm elected, i will stand up for social security, for medicare. i will try to improve and implement obamacare and stand up for the rights of women. so if you think about it, this election is going to be pivotal. you have an opportunity
already taken a lot of lives in the caribbean. now it's moving on to land in the united states in our most densely populated areas. stay indoors. we're not trying to scare anyone, but are being honest. this is dangerous storm. in chrisfield. some of you go to the millers clam bake in the summer. on your way down there to the right as you're walking into the parking lot there is a housing community called summers cove. with the tidal surge that came up over the last couple of hours it raised the water that there's three feet of water spread on the ground floor of summers cove. so various as sets from the volunteer fire department to the dnr, police and their wart assets are removing people from there. i don't know if you've been in chris field when it's rained. that lower end tends to take on a lot of water. not unlike the downtown of ocean city. so we have a lot of people responding there and people are being evacuated from those homes to a shelter because their ground floors are filled up with a lot of water. questions? [ inaudible ] >> the height of the storm any special concerns. we're
thought were explosives. he came to the united states on a student vis. >> >> when you go to school you don't assume somebody that you went to school with would do that. >> reporter: police raided hid home. >> he also checked with a source back to whether or not it would be all right or acceptable if -- women and children were killed. >> reporter: at first court records say he considered attacking the new york stock exchange but due to the heavy security decided to bomb the fed instead. prosecutors say he wasself radical and only thought he was part of al-qaeda. >> sort of -- they are really trying to fill some sort of grand act to make themselves look bigger. >> reporter: according to police this was the 15th alleged terror plot against new york since 9/11 1. experts say to expect more. abc news new york. >> three people are behind bars in connection with the murders of five people at a bar. police say that the bar was set on fire to hide a crime and the motive was robbery. an officer on patrol noticed the fire last night. inside forts found the bodies of one man and four women incl
that this victim has served our country and tried it make the united states better. >> reporter: police doesn't know if gladden knew his killer or was a mistaken case of -- case of mistaken identity. >> trying to find witnesses, going door to door. we also conducted surveillance in the area. this is a tragic incident. this person is a member of the milt military. we are asking for the community's's -- community's help. they're working with the criminal investigation service in the hopes of developing leads. it's also offering a cash reward. just call metro crp crop at 1-866-7-lockup. >>> the teenager charged with killing jessica ridgeway con phesed. austin sigg made his first court appearance. jessica's family was in the courtroom and it was an emotional day. >> reporter: austin sigg appeared in front of a colorado judge, accused of murdering jessica ridgeway. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom where jessica's family took up one row. her heartbroken grandmother could not hold back. >> light him on fire. send himell in a blaze of glory. >> reporter: some of sigg's family members showed
the united states were here and we were all going to, i can't believe, i'm reaching over target and bed bath & beyond. but the morning we were all getting dressed to go shopping for their college dorms, i mean, i -- it's -- the moment it hit me. >> reporter: it's been a journey, too, for oprah. her cable network own has struggled. but recently, it's enjoyed a ratings uptick. >> at first, i was sort of bogged down and if you had asked me this three months ago, i probably would have had a different feeling about it, like, ah, it's so challenging. now, i can see the light. i look at it as though i was climbing kilimanjaro and i was just, had my head to the ground and one foot in front of the other. now, i can see the summit. >> reporter: isn't that nice? >> i can see the summit. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm juju chang in washington, d.c. >> "the first graduating class" airs sunday on own. >>> and just ahead, we stick out the weirdest looking critter s n >>> and just ahead, we stick out the weirdest looking critter s n all the animal kingdom. overmany disco thine customers! [old english acc
breaking overnight. more explosive rhetoric out of north korea this morning, warning that the united states is in striking distance of its missiles. today's remarks are in response of south korea's announcement of a deal with the u.s. to triple the range of its missiles. the north says it shows the allies are plotting to invade the country. >>> a travel nightmare seems to be over this morning. alaskan airlines says that flights are running close to normal after a fiber optic outage shut down its ticketing system. that forced the cancellation of nearly 45 flights. more than 130 other flights departed. but some were delayed as long as four hours. nothing worse than being at the airport and you can't go anywhere. >>> time, now, for weather from across the country on this tuesday morning. cooler than normal, with a morning sprinkle from boston down to new york. thunderstorms around orlando and miami. also, a mix of rain and snow in northern minnesota. showers around minneapolis and green bay. moving later into chicago and kansas city. >> 60s in the midwest. and 70s from albuquerque all the way
. and in the united states by 2014. the web site says it costs $1,000. >> and while speaking of breast cancer, we will be running a weekend fighting the disease. the komen race for the cure is sunday in hunt valley. not too late to register online. go to the web site abc 2 news .com/think pink and register on the race day as well. weather-wise, last year, it was cold for the race. we do not need to repeat the format. >>> we are going to get a repeat performance. it was dry though. lots of sunshine. and that's what we will see this time as well. look at the temperatures this morning, and we're still dealing with cold temperatures. and we are looking at 39 degrees right now in reisterstown. 38 in monrovia. look at sandy springs. 39 degrees. there huntingtown at 40 degrees. and annapolis at 42. sparrows point 46. good morning churchville at 41 degrees. and eastton, 41 degrees as well. make sure have you that big coat as you step out the door this morning. now, high pressure in control of our weather. but it will begin to slide off toward the east as we go throughout the day. allowing for warmer air
. there are over 2.6 million raise breast survivors in -- breast cancer survivors in the united states today. self-breast exams do not replace mammograms. we should been couraging women to be active participants and be aware of their own bodies. if they feel something, seven months before they're scheduled to see their doctor, they should contact their dr. sometimes, i think women avoid the mammograms because they don't want to know. the message i try to get across is if breast cancer going to happen, it's going to get whether you get a mammogram or not. why wouldn't you want to find it early and cure it and be known as a breast cancer survivor. >> due to october, the awareness and the komen race, october is their busiest month when it comes to breast health. >>> the race is two days away but the race is on to get more people out there on sunday morning. >> walkup registration is open in hunt valley. that's where we find cheryl conner. >> reporter: they're doing a lot of things. there's plenty of pink to go around. you can find t shirts, hoodies, gloves. if you like country music, you can find tha
, in a job like this, the last thing the president of the united states needs when he walks in the door to come home is somebody who is drilling him and questioning him about the decisions and choices that he's made. so, there are definitely times when i may feel something but i'll hold back because i'll know he'll either get to that on his own or just not time. >> reporter: outside the white house, there is always lots of chatter about how much is the first lady influencing policy? how do you see your role in that regard? >> i rarely step foot in the west wing. in fact, people are shocked when they see me there but rarely walk in that office because the truth is, he's got many wonderful advisers, so i don't even have the expertise and the time in to be able to provide the kind of advice and guidance that he's already getting. >> reporter: i guess always the pillow at night if you really feel passionate about something. win or lose this election, she says, she's come to love the job she was so reluctant to pursue. not only are you the first lady but you have a historic role as the first
says the responsibility rests with her. >>> it's been more than a month since attack on the united states consulate in libya. it killed four americans including the u.s. ambassador, criticism against the obama administration for the way the thing was handled. secretary of state, hilary clinton, is saying that the white house is not to blame, she is. charlie is at the live desk and going to explain about how she is speaking out. >> we are weeks away from the electhis went down on september 11th, president barack obama, and the white house, have been getting a loft criticism, both for message as to the cause and remarks made by vice president joe biden. the vice president said the white house didn't know anything about requests for extra security at the embassy in benghazi. the state department said requests for made and rejected. hilary clinton says she is the one charged with protecting u.s. diplomats. >> i'm in charge of the state department, 60,000 plus people all over the world, 275 posts, the president and vice president wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that a
. >>> sandy slammed the northeast united states yesterday, sending emergency crews scrambling. >> many of the guys are on the job. we'll be right back. anncr: it's endorsed by business leaders... small business owner: question seven means thousands of jobs... in baltimore and across maryland... anncr: and labor groups... construction worker: question seven lets us bring good jobs... back home. anncr: the teachers back it... teacher: millions of dollars will go to our schools... and not other states. anncr: and so do elected leaders of both parties... councilman john olszewski: new jobs and a stronger economy. endorsed by the naacp, police and firefighters small business owner: good jobs... teacher: and better schools construction worker: vote for question seven. >>> this is from overnight. explosion from new york city, the new york city con edson plant. one of the reasons part of lower manhattan is in trouble and dark. the company vice president is saying this morning, this is the worst storm related outage in the company's history, as you can see, incredible explosion happening out of
lady of the united states. my co-anchor, cynthia mcfadden, back for that. we got a little taste of michelle obama at home, last night. tonight, you two go on the road. >> we do, indeed, bill. on the road, with veterans and their families, among the hardist hit. michelle obama said before her husband ran for president, she knew little about the struggles of military families. but people she met across the country so touched her, she's devoted to taking a difference. we went to florida with her for our series, "the contenders: family ties." we're waiting on the tarmac at jacksonville, florida. it happens, as you might expect, with military precision. >> and salute. >> reporter: a line of officers, waiting to greet her. >> i'm probably like most americans, where my connections to military life was pretty tangential. most americans, like me, they don't have a clear sacrifice these men and women have made. >> reporter: her husband is campaigning on the ending of the war in iraq. but as that happens, the war in afghanistan rages on, with 17 troops killed just last month. the pressures
't believe this was random. >> they say the man opened fire at united states fire protection services, a family owned business where at least two people were killed. then five minutes later and a block away, the man opened fire at this home killing a woman and wounding a 15 year old boy. >> family was targeted in both locations. >> police say the gunman spoke to them as he fired but they never knew who it was. >> there was a lady that had been i guess shot in the face, and she was sitting outside. >> neighbors say the family owned business also had security. >> to get let in, you have to knock. they actually have to see who it is before they let you. >> police are hoping evidence left behind and surveillance video will help them identify this killer. >> these people were specifically targeted. >> the gunman escaped in a 2010 xhar row taken from the home. >> tonight's consumer alert, public schools used to be the most coast efficient option for college but that may no longer be the case. the cost for that is at an all time high. the average price rose by more than 4%. while pr
look at the storm. >> sandy is getting closer and closer to the united states, getting close to the coast here. winds to 90 miles an hour. still a very powerful 1 hurricane. we're seeing a little weakening in the last three hours. potent storm, winds moving in the northwest at 11:00. it's not so much what they are doing right now, what she will do as she rockets up the east coast in the next 2-3 days. as we approach the time frame, as we expect sandy to curve around the north carolina coast, but in addition to that, in carrying some jet stream energy likely that this storm will increase in strength in wind, field and size. perhaps a bigger storm once sandy gets to the carolinas. and break down into the move in the mid-atlantic. >>> another one, going in our direction. some of you are not taking any chances. >> after storms blew, high and dry. and someone came until now to be prepared. >> whether worried chapters were getting worried for sandy. and prolonging power, stopping line with these folks. there were plenty of tarps to cover up. life with the empty store shelves. >> pe
." landfall. sandy, the biggest atlantic storm in a decade slams into the eastern united states, whipping of winds of nearly 100 miles an hour and 30-foot wave and some 60-some million americans in its path and we're live as the superstorm 1,000 miles wides at the island of manhattan, cut off, under water and in the dark. >>> and warning that the worst is not over. nine governors declare states of emergency as the megastorm hurtles north and rescuers search for survivors of the tall ship gone down. >>> and good evening. i'm cynthia mcfadden in new york city and tonight we're in the midst of a deadly storm unlike any this city has seen before. for the first time since 9/11, all bridges and tunnels leading in and out of the city are closed down, and this is what manhattan looks like tonight. eerily dark and quiet as this massive superstorm has left half of the city without power and partially under water. at nyu hospital one of the biggest in the city and the country, the backup generators have failed forcing rescue personnel to evacuate patients. this historic storm tonight is wreaking hav
condoleezza rice recently referred to education in the united states as quote, the civil rights struggle of our day. do you agree with that assessment? >> to a degree i agree. education, whether good or barksd tran sends all bases. there are options such as charter school. the only thing the government is assigned to is to promote the arts and sciences. it's best left to the state and local ties. >> what do we need to do with afghanistan? >> we need this get out and stop this constant building up of other nation. that's driving part of our debt because we can't sustain it. those nations need to create their own destiny and they ned to choose what government is best for them. >> is the healthcare reform act the answer. this is president obama's landmark piece of legislation and mitt romney said he will repeal it. what do you think? >> i don't support it. romney said he will repeal and replace. free market solutions will fix this. free market is where we need to g the problem is whenever government gets involved, it costs more and we usually have more problems come from government getting
and moral as the united states, in every one of our admirable characteristics is the result of liberty, a free men and women making choices, taking risks, finding out what works and doesn't, securing rewards and responsible for the failures. the government has grown beyond it's moral limits, our exceptional characteristics become less and less exceptional, cultures rotting, prosperities eroding, morality reseeding options becoming limited. when plunder becomes a statutory entitlement, no one respects the life libber thety or property of anyone. all your problems are the result of this transformation from liberty to government dependency, the solution is restore liberty and reduce government the mosh limits where it's concerned with defending individual rights, that's my commitment as an independent congressman. >> thank you for the statement. we will go through questions that we have time for. first the economy is on everybody's mind. $16trillion in devment 8% of the country sun employed. housing market is a mess. what would you do to fix those things. first we have to understands what
certified. >>> three months left in the year, but it looks like 2012 will be the warmest ever in the united states. january through september was already the warmest first nine months temperature wise. temperature records go back all the way to 1895. >>> wal-mart is testing a same day delivery service for customers who purchase items online during the holiday season. the big box stores face increasing competition from online shopping sites. testing of the service has started in parts of virginia and philly with more cities added very soon. and. >>> ann romney is guest hosting good morning america today. the wife of republican presidential nominee mitt romney will be on the show during the 8:00 hour. abc says it's in talks with first lady michelle obama for a similar guest appearance on the show before next month's election. >>> and you are spending more to dress up your kids for halloween. but it turns out that you are splurging a lot on your pets, too. americans will spend 370 million dollars this year on pet costumes. that's according to a survey conducted by the national retail federatio
as well as a biohazard suit and handcuffs. he traveled to the united states from japan harris is scheduled to be in court on friday. we will let you know what happens. >>> a massive fire overnight injuries five firefighters. it's happening at a commercial bailed building near the ven towerra freeway. it stared in brush and moved onto a building. towering flames shot into the sky. building is is a total-- thebuilding is a so thal loss. no one is sure -- total loss. no one is sure what kind of materials is housed there. >>> what happened with a death defying sky deeive attempt remember this we told you about it yesterday. he was trying to set a record for the highest free fall ever about 23 miles above the earth. well, during the jump, he was expected to free fall faster than 690 miles an hour. it's hard to imagine what that looks like. so, he is hoping to become the first person to break that sound barrier in a sky dive. he plans to make another attempt at it tomorrow if the weather conditions improve. that's the big if in that. so i am sure he'll be at it again. >> maybe it's good thing th
to get into the united states illegally. people in detroit know this as a common path or transmission of illegal immigrants and drugs and even alcohol back in prohibition. it looks like they're on some sort of small boat or raft or something and they may have come from the canadian side. crossed over the st. clair river and up and over the small retaining wall into the detroit area. three people were arrested for entry without inspection. >> the amazing thing about seeing this video is it really shows the lengths that people go through to get into the country. >> when you think about the problem of illegal immigration, most of the discussion is about the mexico/u.s. border. we don't talk about it in terms of the canadian border. >>> get the hair brush. >>> as we get closer to halloween, the videos get scarier and e1scarier. i have to warn you guys, watch this one at your own risk. >> this is a character from the ring. well, she has been seen in the streets of warsaw, poland. >> that's not funny. it is not funny. it's scary enough to see anybody in a night gown in public because you kn
in the united states, in canada. >> i'm disappointed in myself right now. >> i'm >> this particular game the sirens and the rage -- got ugly. >> ugly in the stands. these two cities hate each other and it carried over into the crowd right now. >> a huge fight broke out in the stands. >> are you serious? >> now, local reports say they're not exactly sure how this thing started, but you see men in this thing, women in this thing, people's shirts are getting ripped off. >> the poor old lady security guard. i feel bad for her. i have a feeling she's going to get clocked. >> local authorities say this was one of two big brawls that happened during this game. 11 spectators ejected and 2 of which were streakers. there was a lot going on at this game, and all you ragina rage fans were revoicjoice. they ended up winning. and where's the football jl i was expected hot chicks playing football and i see fighting. i'm -- ishgts, . >>> body painting up a bunch of models. >> are they completely naked? >> not a stip tch of clothing i his entire ad campaign. >> see how all this make as motorcycle next. >
's legal. >> the consummation will take place in an airplane flying from australia to the united states, so they can circumvent prostitution laws. if you're the winning bidder, you have to go through an std tes test, andearing a condom is compulsory. as of monday night, the highest bid was $190,000. alex is not doing as well. >> women aren't exactly jumping on the opportunity of having sex with a virgin. >> i'm a virgin, and now i'm 20 years old. i'm not ashamed of this anymore. >> that's really awkward. >> are you sure we're not getting dooped here? >> this could be a grand hoax, but they claim it's for real. >> this is sick on so many levels. >> you knock two things out though. you lose your virginity and join the mile high club. >>> if there's one thing we've learned on the show from watching so many videos, it's that if they're around, be quiet. this video is spreading all over the internet. this bear came for a little visit at the home of these people. not the bear you would want to mess with. >> no, no, no. >> the bear you just want to let do his thing. >> but they're getting closer a
of the united states has led with a steady hand and clear vision. governor romney, the opposite. the last thing we need now is another war. >> congressman ryan? >> we mourn the loss of these four americans who were murdered. when you take a look at what's happened just in the last few weeks, they sent the u.n. ambassador out to say that this was because of a protest and a youtube video. it took the president two weeks to acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack. he went to the u.n. and in his speech at the u.n., he said six times, he talked about the youtube video. look. if we are hit by terrorists, we're going to call it for what it is, a terrorist attack. our ambassador in paris has a marine detachment guarding him. shouldn't we have a marine detachment guarding our ambassador in benghazi, a place where we knew there was an al qaeda cell with arms? this is becoming more troubling by the day. they first blamed the youtube video, now, they are trying to blame the romney/ryan ticket for making this an issue. with respect to iraq, we had the same position before the withdrawal, which was, we
for the president to say the truth that one aircraft carrier is probably more powerful than the entire united states navy was back then? this is a different navy, george. our navy is superior to every other navy in the world combined. this is a fundamentally different navy that doesn't rest on the number of ships. it rests on the total capacity. as the president said, on one aircraft carrier, we have more power than most nations have in their air force. >> his team made up for the appearance in the first debate? >> he clearly made up for that. what governor romney showed today, and i felt a little badly because it's clear he is not ready to be the commander in chief of the united states military. he demonstrated a lack of sophistication of what's going on around the world. being president requires a clear vision and a steady hand. that's exactly what president obama demonstrated tonight. and it's exactly what governor romney demonstrated was lacking. >>> obviously, i disagree. i think this was a fantastic debate. i think governor romney won this debate. and you know why i think he won it? americans
rep. it's unbelievable that the united states has sat on the sidelines for the last four years. the rest of the world continues to negotiate them. 40 or 50 have been negotiated. at the same time, we haven't been tough enough on countries not playing by the rules. one is china. as you know, i'm the sponsor of the currency legislation in congress. we think they manipulate their currency. it ought to be addressed. it's a trade issue. it makes it more expensive for us to send stuff to them. these are legitimate issues in ohio. >> we have one minute left. i'm turning to ohio. let's look at the latest poll. from after the first debate. president obama in the lead still, 51% to romney's 45%. from after the first debate. does governor romney have a path to the presidency without ohio? i know you're going say that he will win ohio. can he win the presidency without it? >> he can probably win the presidency without ohio, but i wouldn't want to take the risk. no republican has. we're doing great in ohio. it's about dead even right now. the momentum is on our side. it's been terrific. i've
the team of his arrival here in the united states, virtually 24 hours a day, by the fbi now this 21-year-old man from bangladesh may well spend the rest of his life in prison. for abc news inmanhattan, i'm jim dolan. >> he was here on a work permit. of course, he told the investigators that it was we, alluded he was working with other people. you heard in the piece he was working alone. his status as an international terrorist, they say, was aspirational. he thought he was something bigger than he was. >> exactly right. he came here, they think specifically for the purpose, came into the country specifically to cause a terrorist act, not got here and became disillusioned. thank goodness our intelligence is so good. >> according to the new york police commissioner they're saying 15 mrplots and counting, directly against new york city. >>> the race for the white house, 19 days to go. president obama head to the battleground state of new hampshire today. on the stump in iowa and ohio yesterday. the president reached out to women voters. stressed his support for insurance coverage for contra
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